Chloes Canvas

About Us

From the first day we brought Chloe home from the hospital, we immediately recognized the attention that she gave her high-contrast, black and white baby books. It was clear to us that these books were holding her attention and that they had a positive impact on her cognitive development — so we decided to purchase more of them. After searching the internet, we quickly realized that the “black and white” books that were available did not depict impactful figures from our childhood history and community, which we wanted to introduce to Chloe at an early age.  My wife and I recognized the importance of early education and the value in introducing Chloe to some of the leaders that have changed and significantly impacted our society.

For this reason, we created Chloe’s Canvas.  At Chloes Canvas we pride ourselves in producing hands-free, high-contrast, educational tools to aid in infant’s and newborn’s visual, cognitive and physical development, all while introducing them to impactful figures throughout our history. Our collection of diverse children’s books are carefully selected to deliver a variety of creative and educational images. We hope that our tummy-time collection will assist your child in their educational journey. Please feel free to browse our product gallery for our unique selection of black and white baby books— we hope you enjoy your experience shopping on Chloe‘s Canvas!

Did you know?

In the first three months of your baby’s life, their vision is generally fuzzy and distorted. And although they can make out light, shapes, and movements; your newborn can generally only see about 7 to 14 inches away — just far enough to see your face while you hold them. Many researchers have confirmed that before your baby is able to clearly distinguish different colors, he or she is only able to recognize and respond to bold, black and white images. 

It is common knowledge that black and white images stimulate and develop the optic nerves in babies, all while strengthening their cognitive and general muscle development. This makes our Black & White Educational Tools the perfect baby book collection for your child’s mental and visual development. Exposure to an appropriate amount of visual stimulation trains the muscles of the eyes and the brain to also extend your baby’s tummy-time practice, which is a very important part of your baby’s general growth and development. During tummy-time, your baby strengthens their back, arms, and neck muscles, helping to prevent potential suffocation in the event that he or she rolls over on their stomach.

** Please note that any advice and information provided in this website is given as suggestions only and should not be taken as a professional medical diagnosis or opinion. We recommend that you consult your healthcare provider, and that you contact them immediately if you have any urgent questions. If you believe that your baby may be visually impaired, please seek professional attention. **